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The original dental bone models since 2006


Innovation and creativity for the odontology formation service, offering and exporting the products of the brands Selmodels, Bonetraining, 3dbiomodels around the world.
Our main objective is to provide our client with a production and the most innovative costumized design, including the 3D printing of CBCT and CT 3dbiomodels, the most realistic models for all the specialties of dentistry.


3dbiomodels Library, Biomechanical models, Maxila, Lower jaw model, Periimplantitis, Bone Augmentation – Bone grafting, Mandible, PET – Socket Shield models, Perio Models, Apiceptomy, Extraction teeth models, Skull – Sinus Lift Models, Stomatognathics Models, BOPT model, Zygoma model, Zaga training kit, Prosthetics models, Macro models

3D biomodels are exact replicas of the internal anatomy of the patient that simplifies the planning of medium and high complexity surgeries. By deploying the 3D printed models, the surgeon can physically hold in his hand the anatomical structure of interest before intervening the patient in the operating room.


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